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Thru You
Kutiman Mixes YouTube
(click the above to play album)

Now I haven't been excited about an album for a long time. Songs get me excited when I have found a rare track hidden in the archives of some torrent site but an album??

Thru You
Kutiman Mixes YouTube

This my friends is genius. Kutiman, a man born in Jerusalem with tags such as musician, composer, producer and animator has come up with this DJ Shadow-esque, (Endtroducing...) on-line album. All samples have been taken from YouTube users and then mixed and edited together for 8 tracks of pleasure (there's 7 tracks of music but an additional 'about' which is marvellous too).

It took him three months of work and he spread the word via Twitter - some say the first Twitter star but who knows or even cares. The man is, in my books a musical mastermind. To make one song takes vision and patience but to make an album...?!?

I don't think the album touches Endtroducing but given that Kuliman has produced this in his house the scope for this guy, if given the pro suite, could be huge.

Although imagine the logistics of royalty payout if this went out on a label...?! Woof Charlie...

Respect to you sir. I hope this is the shape of things to come.


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