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Powers of Ten
(click the above to play the video)
Charles and Ray Eames
Commissioned by IBM - 1977

I think this is what a TV producer calls a 'damn fine link'.

Following on from my 'The Tenth Dimension' post; we all know about the ten dimensions now don't we? This post showcases the Powers of Ten film that Mr Charles and Mrs Ray Eames were commissioned to produce by IBM. It takes you on a journey from a couple having a picnic in the US to the furthest reaches of the universe back down to the atoms in your own body. As with the 10th Dimension film i'll leave the film to do the talking.

Released in 1977 the style of the film reflects this decade and the narrator's voice, as pointed out by a YouTube viewer sounds like Tigger from Disney's Winnie the Pooh. He was in fact
Philip Morrison who was the science behind it.

Powers of Ten
Charles and Ray Eames
Commissioned by IBM - 1977

Fascinating on all levels and a nice tight 9 minutes to keep you focussed.

The real thing that gets me about space and the human is that the darkest depths of the universe look exactly the same as the nerves in our brains.

Mark Miller vs Astrophysicists
Brain on the left - Universe on right

Coincidence? Tweaking of the computer modelling software? A link?? I remember a scene in National Lampoon's Animal House where Donald Sutherland explains to a student that our universe could be a spot in someone's finger nail, therefore many spots in a human could be billions of universe like our own... They were smoking *mowee-wowee at the time

Now i'm not a man of God but the similarities are astounding and it feels to me like there's a game going on somewhere by something to that someone being us... I could go onto the reason why oil is so hard to find and extract or why lungs look like trees, that's a good one, or why the ocean conveyor belt is more 'mechanical' than just a natural occurence.

Woof Charlie! Anyhow, enjoy the film and let the
famous furniture makers take you on a trip that's as beautiful as their designs.

Apologies for using a YouTube film. There is an official website but the film did not load. Take a look around though, it may work for you.

*reference Nine to Five film - Lily Tomlin explaining what they (Dolly Parton and Jane Fonda) are smoking.


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