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Unknown, circa Unknown
(click on image to increase size and quality)

What. A. Picture!

Beautiful? Haunting? Enthralling? Sad? Motivating? Essential? Just downright creepy??

There is much deliberation to what and where this picture is. Russian partisans posing for the picture to show how well prepared they are in World War II? Schoolchildren on a gas drill? A show of preparedness for the enemy?

I think this picture, regardless of where it was taken, shows their war in an almost theatrical sense. If you look at the kids behind the mock field gun there's a comedy 'showhall' feel to it. But this is dispelled when you look at the way everyone is standing and the vigour in which the kids are lying behind the gun.

You can tell a lot from a face but here they are obviously covered in *masks.

It's the three children at the front with heads cocked to the right that invokes a sense of question from them as if to ask,

"Is this correct? Are we standing right? What is this for...?"

This is the beauty of this photo. It makes you think, it fires back questions to
your questions and makes sure you look at every detail so when you stop looking you cannot stop thinking.

*I wouldn't be surprised if Pink Floyd got inspiration from the above when animating the teacher in 'Another Brick in The Wall' I may follow that up in a future post...


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