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(liking the pigeon stencil too)
Washington DC

Right, after an absence of much too long - redesigning a blog eats spacetimecontinum but much thanks to eblogtemplates, couldn't have done it without you! -

I give you! Street installations that step over the fine line of "Is it?" and "No! It couldn't be! Could it!" Blimus!

Embed #1
Washington DC

'Daylight Drama', created by Mark Jenkins and 'performed' all over the world from London to Sweden to Washington DC is all about taking the interaction of street art to the upper most level. Level 42 perhaps, which in some cases is the answer to everything and others, like myself, a perfect marriage of jazz-funk and slap bass perfection (we're talking early Level 42 here, not your pop years...)

I have found a site that is run by Mark Jenkins and i'm pretty sure it is him who makes the art. It hosts plenty of pictures and a few videos showing the reactions of the public. Here a video shows the local authority 'rescuing' the dummy from a river in Sweden. Controversial? Not controversial? You decide...

The more you look at them though the more fascinating they become. And this is just via images on the web for gawd's sake...

Bin Bag Rummage
Prato, Italy

Two strains take up the installations:

i) Tape Art - involving wrapping copious amounts of sellotape around an object then carefully cutting and reapplying. The babies I love. Delicate beings surrounded by dangerous and awkward situations.

Storker Project
Washington DC

ii) Dummy Art, if that is the correct term - mannequins dressed up, sometimes cut in half but always placed in full view of the passer-by. These are my favourites.

Embed #2
Washington DC

Instead of the viewer appreciating with an instant smile or scowl the works really pull the person in, sometimes to a point where help or assistance is given, and make you question before giving judgement. It may be going a bit too far on some occasions - see 1st paragraph - but this is what I think art is about. Drawing you in from your normal existence and allowing the piece to tell you what you should be doing or thinking. Abandonment as such.

Although I think this is why cities are so blasé about seeing stuff like this. If you have been burned before and taken in too many times then you assume everything is dodgy and if you assume art is dodgy then the whole fabric of society is DOOOOOMED!!! It really is...

Storker Project

Take a look through my selection of favourites, many more here and if it is Mark Jenkins or someone else or a group of people doing this then keep it going!

Washington DC

More works in London though please! I'm growing tired of wall art...Zzzzzzzz...

Oh, and if you want to make a sellotape figure, object or wrap yourself up then here you go (also run by Mark Jenkins)


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