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2001: A Space Odyssey
copyright MGM

Cinema Redux.
A software program that captures one frame [or screen shot] for every second the film runs and places it onto one print [or sheet of paper]. Each line represents one minute so it's 60 frames [
screen shots] for every line shown. I had to read that back to myself a couple of times...

have looked at these for a long time, wondered why I have looked at them for so long and then asked the question of why I like them. Which puts me back in the middle doesn't it?

There Will Be Blood
copyright Miramax / Paramount

It's most comforting to look at these even if you cannot see each frame and the idea is wonderful. Brendan Dawes was the man who created Cinema Redux and has created many a special edition. Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey being one of them.

The Incredibles
copyright Disney / Pixar

The prints convey two angles; one that lets you see the images from afar (as this post shows) allowing you the viewer to see another image (
which could be influenced by the film that's on the image perhaps?) and another that, if viewed up close, shows you the film proper, which would be fascinating by all accounts.

Dr Stranglove
copyright Columbia / Sony Pictures

Some say the prints represent the film's DNA but I think it's more like the soul of the film. Softer, not so 'scientific' as DNA and a lot more approachable.

All those frames on one print make for a beautiful piece of art too. A simple concept transformed into stunning reality. These I would hang on our walls without hesitation.

There are applications allowing you to make your own 'Cinema Redux' poster. Thumper for Mac and Ruby on Rails System, which is difficult to track down. I have yet to use or see them but guess the process would take some getting used to. I could be wrong though, I could be wrong.


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