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Rob Bryanton 2006
Copyright Imagining the Tenth Dimension 2006
(click the above to play the video)

OK. You need your imagination for this one, and time perception, and space deduction, and folding ability and, and...

This video by Rob Bryanton goes through the dimensions from 1 - 10. It explains, in Layman's terms - although the explanation still bamboozles the noggin - what these 10 dimensions, could look like or be or are... Stay with me on this one.

I have always had a fascination about the laws of physics and quantum mechanics but alas my school was so bad and teachers so annoying that I purposefully closed my ears and made sure I was the most badly behaved pupil in their class. If I only knew back then how much I wanted the title of Professor now, believe me I would be making videos like this one instead of kicking myself whilst viewing.

I am not going to explain the film myself. See for yourself and be prepared for a brain scramble. I think on the 10th viewing and a lot of diagrams, to the power of 20, later this will start to make sense.

Fantastic video that makes you concentrate so hard you could burn a whole in your computer screen

Ant. said...
27 February 2009 at 16:52  

Thats was pretty cool!

Rob Bryanton said...
29 June 2009 at 21:44  

Hey, thanks for mentioning my animation, I appreciate your support. I've posted a link to your entry in the "Interesting Links" section of my Imagining the Tenth Dimension blog.

Best wishes,
Rob Bryanton

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