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David LaChapelle - Ewan McGregor, Dollhouse Disaster 2

Another fashion/celebrity photographer for you. Not a fan of his work, good at what he does but the surreal aspects he works into his images don't work for me. So why is he here I hear you ask.

Well, when my Sister and Brother in law married six years ago I took a load of photos the night before whilst us men were getting drunk. When we all went back to the house, where we were staying, I whipped out my laptop, download the photos and gathered the boys around to look at my 'art'. Over the next hour or so I proceeded to tell them how the light bounced here and colour danced there, "My God!! Almost David LaChapelle in style?!" I quipped...

Sorry Jason, sorry men. The wine gave me Photoshop eyes that I could only use and a brain that could not compute for toffee. The images are lost, thank God, but I would say they looked more like a bad audition for The X-Factor...

Fortunately I have progressed technically and emotionally in taking photos over the years. I also look at my images alone and sober before blowing ones trumpet too.

A valuable lesson learned. Thanks Dave.


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